Statement from BAWC on Palestinian Prisoners' Day

The chains will inevitably be broken. Free them all!

Palestinian women against bourgeois feminism – a commentary

“It is crucial that we reject bourgeois feminism, not only for the insidious ways it justifies the colonizer’s violence, but also because it obstructs our path towards true liberation. We must recognize that women’s liberation in Palestine is intertwined with national liberation. “

Black Palestinian Solidarity Statement

In true black radical tradition, we acknowledge that the freedom of Black people relies on the freedom of Palestinians and freedom of ALL oppressed and colonized groups.

From Free Speech to Felony: The Covert Attack on Protest Civil Rights

 New Yorkers must speak up and say “NO” right now to Assembly Bills A8334 and A8951A which attempt to criminalize protest.

Reflections on the Self-Immolation of Aaron Bushnell

“The Palestinian resistance — in all its forms and from all nations — should also be openly and vocally supported and embraced in the same way and by those in awe of Aaron Bushnell’s act of resistance…”

Statement on “Superbowl Massacre” in Rafah

Much like these politicians who pay lip service, who say they are for the people and that they are for justice, entertainment and sport celebrities must not be looked up to as role models. They provide cultural cover for the horrors our taxes fund. They are sell-outs, and we must decolonize our minds and remove them from the pedestal they are on in our imagination.

WATCH: How to Defend Palestinian Resistance

The purpose of this teach-in is to shed light on the often overlooked topic of Palestinian and Arab resistance in all its forms, from BDS to armed struggle, to the oppressive Zionist occupation. The hosts elevate the voice and narrative of the Palestinian resistance and equip listeners with the knowledge to counteract mainstream media's lies and deception.

Zionist Puppets: Condemning Torres and Espaillat's Support for Funding Israel's Genocide in Gaza

Thoughts On The ICJ Ruling And What Comes Next

Everyone who’s been on the barricades these past few months feels this truth to the very core of their soul: the ICJ did NOT go far enough…

Unmasking the ICJ: A Wake-Up Call for the Palestine Solidarity Movement

Only the Palestinian resistance and the Axis of Resistance in the region is a legitimate path towards the total liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea, and we will continue to defend them unconditionally…

Reject US/Western Normalization of Genocide in Gaza!

It is a sign of a profoundly sick society when the majority in the West can lose themselves in trifling entertainment and consumption while these crimes against humanity persist…

The Bronx stands united with Yemen

We declare our unwavering support for our Yemeni brothers in the face of this brutal and immoral US/UK aggression.

Rep AOC/Bowman: STOP demonizing the movement to liberate Palestine!

We Condem House Resolution 888

Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-semitism! Dismantle apartheid Israel NOW!

Ritchie Torres does NOT represent The Bronx

The Bronx opposes “Representative” Torres for being an Israeli-lobby puppet who is funding Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people.

Same Struggle, Same Fight!

Gaza and the Bronx unite!